They both get cold, dry, wet, dehydrated, probably dirtier and more than likely they then break.

We recognise autumn when the leaves begin to change colour, as they rustle in the breeze with its coldness letting the trees know its time to save energy and keep all vital parts protected.

As the leaves become dry, dehydrated, crisp and weak due to the tree stopping their water supply, they wither, die and fall to the ground.  Left to get damp, cold, sometimes muddy.

Can you see the connection now?

We feel our hands and feet getting colder during the autumnal months.  We go find our gloves, thicker socks, maybe a pair of woolie tights when boots are on.

Nothing worse than cold hands and feet for me, thermals are on my Xmas list every year.

Yet it always happens, doesn’t it?

You’ve not taken your gloves, it’s so much colder than it looked when you glanced out the window.
Tightly clenched fists in your pockets on the school run or commute to work.
Are you going to brave your hands out and use your phone while waiting at the bus stop or school gate?

Great is raining!

You may have the umbrella but again no gloves now the cold and wet really bites!
Of course, nothing is going to fall off here like leaves, but your nails are going to lose moisture over time.
They’ll start to dehydrate and become dry, they may start to become brittle and break.

If you’re a gardener, of course, they’ll get dirty.  Pruning the plants and all the other outside chores.  Whether you wear gloves or not.  The ground is wetter, colder, making the soil sticky which makes it even harder to remove from under the nails.

(on a side note, be careful of open wounds, bacteria like nothing more than a bit of dirt and moisture).

But nails can get dirty without you realising how or why.
Door handles on shops become wet from the rain,
You put your hands in your pockets more.

When’s the last time you gave the inside of your coat pocket a cleanout?
Fluff, crumbs, bits of heaven knows what gets under your nails.

The cold weather really does play havoc with our hands and nails in more ways than one.
Can you see this now?

Yes, I am going to tell you to apply more hand cream, nail elixir and wear gloves.

Yes, you do have time.  Please make time, you’ll be so pleased you did.

Keep a little travel size cream in your bag, and apply this while you wait for the bus or your child to come out from school.

When you place an order with us ask in the Note section to receive a little trial size of Fresh Therapies nail elixir.  No lengthy routines to follow, just massage this into your nails and cuticles when you’re waiting in line for your takeaway morning coffee or sitting on the train.  It really is the best treatment.

If you’d prefer the full size is available here

Hug that takeaway cup of hot drink in your hands and wait a little longer for warm water to come out the tap to wash your hands.  All little things help this time of year.

You can have fab looking nails holding that glass of bubbly on party night.

Stay warm and dry and I’ll chat up with you soon






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