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If no, well done to you, I’m impressed.
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FACT – Nails struggle in cold weather.

We’ve had some horrible and unpredictable weather here in the UK recently and it’s throwing us all a bit topsy turvy, isn’t it?
One day freezing and snow, the next reasonably mild for January.
Our nails suffer in this weather and, like the rest of our bodies, they need some extra TLC.
Have you noticed your nails becoming dry and brittle?
Splitting and flaking easily with the skin around the nail plate becoming harder maybe?
Even your nail polish will take longer to dry if your hands are cold.
There are several reasons your nails can show these symptoms, but the cold weather is definitely one.

The obvious way to help prevent this is to get into the habit of keeping them moisturised and filed a little more regularly to keep the edges smooth.
The other way to assist is to wear gloves; good quality gloves that keep your hands warm, not just pretty fashion style types that are just for matching your coat or handbag. I’m so guilty of this one!

Here’s the science bit:
There is less oil than water in the nail plate, but both are very important. However, it’s a bit trickier for oils to penetrate the nail. Water penetrates the nail cells through their outer walls but these block oils, so oil has to penetrate thought nail cell walls.
As we all know oil and water don’t mix, so the oil content of your nails will ‘trap’ water and slow down the evaporation of water away from the nail.
This is why oils have a more long-term moisturising effect on your nails.
(Science bit thanks to author Doug Schoon and his great book “Nail Structure & Product Chemistry”).

The answer is to moisturise like crazy, as often as you can everyday but always before bed.
If you’re not a lover of oils or serums then use a good quality cream. If your palms feel greasy afterwards, just blot with tissue (like you do your lipstick).

Our nails do need water too, of course, but we suggest you drink it (rather than rub it in like oil!). Water intake is good for us for so many reasons, as you know. There really is no excuse not drinking enough (except possibly the endless trips to the loo!).

You can grab yourself some great stainless-steel water bottles online now, helping to keep your water intake up whilst on the go and avoiding the plastic.

The right type of food intake is also so helpful. The phrase “You are what you eat” springs to mind and this is so true. Fruit, veg, oily fish, you know the drill.

My organic nail and cuticle elixir is available from the website. It has only four ingredients but will give your nails a super boost in health. Please do go and read the reviews for yourself. https://freshtherapies.com/product/nourishing-nail-elixir/
Jo Fairley author of the Beauty Bible described it as “a total joy… cuticles are softer… a drop does several fingernails.” https://www.beautybible.com/beauty-bible-posts/fresh-therapies-nourishing-nail-elixir?rq=fresh%20therapies

Fresh Therapies tips for gorgeous nails:

Wear gloves
Moisturise lots
A gentle file more often
Drink more water

I hope you gained something from this blog that will help give you the beautiful, healthy nails you desire.

Take care until next time.


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