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This natural nail polish remover is not harmful to you or your nails in anyway.It will not damage the natural oil within your nails. Helping them to remain much more healthy.

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover works perfectly on all types of nail polish, but is not suitable for polish coating false nails. The natural polish remover is translucent with a fragrant smell which includes a hint of lime for freshness.

Free from any artificial acetones, ensures you won’t be left with any lingering reminders of your nail polish remover.

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These are the ingredients of the Natural Nail Polish Remover.

Dimethyl Glutarate
Dimethyl Adipate
Dimethyl Succinate
Ethylhexyl Palmitate*
Citrus Aurantifolia Oil*
*vegetable derived

All these ingredients are biodegradable and safe for the environment as well as you. This product is not tested on animals, is suitable for use by vegans also.

Undesirable ingredients NOT included

Benzophenone 1
are all known to dehydrate the skin making nails dry and brittle, with some ingredients also irritating the eyes and nose. Reassuringly, this product does not include any of these undesirable ingredients.

35 reviews for Natural Nail Polish Remover

  1. Sheryl Ann Andrews

    I love this product. Over the past few years I have been working to reduce harmful chemicals and increase natural aromatherapy for my own well being. And this product ticks all the boxes. Smells great and works. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  2. Shana

    I was a little sceptic about this nail polish remover but it does a great job. I am very satisfied with this product. I will definitely order again , no toxic nail polish remover for me anymore!! this is fantastic, thank you

  3. FJ Smith

    I’m amazed! I don’t know how this product works, but it does. And even more important to me: no harsh smell and no residue left after washing it off. BRILLIANT!! I used to dread wearing nail polish just because of having to use horrible removers. Now it’s not a problem.
    Also very good and caring service. Highly recommended.

  4. Ria Steer

    This is the best nail polish remover EVER! I just had to use normal nail polish remover as I have run out of this amazing stuff and forgot to order more 😫 My nails feel so ruined after just one use of normal nail polish remover 😭 I shall now be ordering 2 bottles to make sure I always have a back up so as never to run out again!

  5. Sharon Osterfield

    After a skiing trip I had such dry hands and my nails were really suffering. They were splitting and in a dreadful state. Nicola recommended her cuticle oil. This was amazing, I found it worked within a couple of days and my nails became so much stronger in a very short space of time. I would definitely recommend this and will use it again. Wonderful

  6. Linda

    This remover is everything that people say, and more. Having read reviews, I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. I thought it would be very difficult to use and that I would give up and confine it to the back of a cup board. But a no, it’s marvellous -effective, a pleasure to use and although pricey, you don’t need much so,it’s well worth it.

  7. Vivian Fox

    LOVE this product. I have very dry, brittle nails and this remover seems to nourish them! It smells divine, which is an added bonus too. It may seem pricey, but honestly, a little goes such a long way, unlike conventional removers. So glad to have found you!!

  8. Janice

    I have to let you know using your nail varnish remover, and the pads have made such a difference
    to my nails.
    Thank you very much

  9. Gemma

    Amazing product.
    Didn’t realise a natural nail varnish remover could be so effective!
    Feels like it’s nourishing the nails at the same time.

  10. Leonie

    I first bought this product through Nourished Life when I lived in Australia. Not only does it nourish my nails, it goes a long way. I’m so impressed with it that I have bought it again for a couple of my relatives this Christmas on my return to the UK. Surprisingly, my order arrived the day after I ordered it. Great product & service all round.

  11. Tanya Gaynor

    ‘Simply amazing! Its so gentle that i have been able to still use it whilst my cuticles have been cracked & sore. It smells divine and you only need a tiny amount to remove the polish off 10 nails, it also looks very stylish on my bathroom shelf amongst all my other lovely natural organic products 🙂 10 out of 10 rating. I couldn’t recommend it more.

    Tanya Gaynor

  12. Maureen Pontikos

    I found you through the Beauty Bible and I must say how pleased I am that I did. In my search for the most natural products possible I didn’t know it was possible to have a “natural” nail polish remover and yours is fantastic. No horrible chemicals and no nasty penetrating smells, just a fresh scent, besides knowing that what I’m putting on won’t dry out my nails, but nourish them instead. As a result I’m now wearing nail polish more often

  13. Johnag

    Best nail polish remover. Removes nail polish great and fast. Leaving nails shiny and helping keep the hydrated and as an added bonus it smells absololoutely amazing

  14. Karmen

    I love this nail polish remover. I love the fact that is natural and nontoxic and it really works well. After use my nails are not dry but nourished and smell very nice. I would recommend it.

  15. Meral

    Would be great if you could start your own natural nail polishes as well! Well done Nicola! Glad I found your website and your products. My nails look and feel great.

  16. Meral

    Tried it and love it. So much better than the
    conventional nail polish removers and it is
    natural, just how I like it!! Leaves nothing behind

  17. Laura Bennett

    Have only used it once but it worked really well. Delighted to have found a natural alternative to normal nail varnish removers that seem to contain so many nasty chemicals.

  18. Sharon

    I have used the nail polish remover and it is the only one that does not make my nails dry and brittle. It is a wonderful product. Nicola is also the most helpful person I have come across. Well done Fresh Therapies.

  19. annette

    This remover is absolutely fabulous. Just happened to put in Google “natural nail polish remover” and fresh therapies came up. Bought a few bottles in case it was as good as everyone states and it certainly is. Definately recommend getting the lint free wipes too and I only need to use one for removing of off both hands. Love it 🙂

  20. L

    Lee – July 28, 2015

    Excellent product and it works! As a life long sufferer of eczema and allergies (more recently chemical allergies) I was so pleased to find this product. It has a nice smell and does not leave your nails feeling dry like acetone does. Thank you so much!

  21. Linda

    Absolutely love this product! Have tried other natural similar products, but this is the best so far, really pleasant smell and leaves my nails conditioned into the bargain! Couldn’t be happier.

  22. Liz Chave

    I’ve been using this nail varnish remover for quite a while now – it doesn’t smell nasty, it does the job, and it’s not full of chemicals. Thank to this, and Mavala nail varnishes – my toes look vaguely respectable for the summer!

  23. Sabi

    I really do not like acetone and so was delighted to have discovered it, after following you on Twitter. This remover is excellent and very effective and the lint wipes are brilliant too. Well done.

  24. Angela

    Really nice product, smells good and leaves nails feeling undamaged, its does take a little bit longer to remove than chemical based removers but I don’t mind as its much kinder to your skin. Really pleased, thank you.

  25. Emily

    Fantastic Product- works really well and leaves my nails feeling lovely- thank-you!!

  26. Niki McGlynn

    This is a really fabulous product, it’s the only one I let my daughter use as it’s gentle and non toxic and won’t damage her nails. I like it because it doesn’t make my nails feel dry afterwards plus it’s very economical and it smells absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t use anything else now.

  27. Tina Quincey

    Due to medication my nails used to be dry and brittle! This nail varnish has given my nails a new lease of life and I love it.

  28. Adrianne Yates- The Holistic Manicurist

    I love this product so much! !!!!! I use it on all my clients and they love it too. Can’t believe a natural nail varnish remover can be this effective. It’s amazing.

  29. Chelsea Lillington

    I ordered the sample of this a few days ago, and having just tried it I can safely say this is a new favourite! I managed to use less than half of the tiny tester bottle to do all of my nails, and they feel so nourished now. It smells lovely and it does the job. Also, the handwritten note was a lovely touch. I’ll be buying the full size asap. I definitely recommend!

  30. Emma Anderson

    Lovely to be able to use a remover that feels gentle, but removes polish efficiently and doesn’t overpower you with a strong smell. I will certainly be using nail polish more regularly now :0)

  31. Karen Hopwood

    Excellent product. It does take very slightly longer to remove your polish if it is a dark one, but it does NOT leave your nails feeling chemically stripped and dry like most nail polish removers. I really love this, and the scent is lovely and not at all like the strong chemical smells of other nail polish removers. If you buy this product then DO buy the lint-free wipes so that you don’t use too much of the product as you would on a cotton ball.

  32. Susan Sheen

    This has to be the best nail polish remover ever! On smell alone it masquerades as a perfume, and we have seen people sniffing it in wonder at many events. On performance, a little really does go a long way, so when you compare it price per ml to other removers on general sale, you are getting a great deal. Plus you get the added benefit of conditioning your nails when you are removing the old colour.

  33. Tina Quincey

    Amazing natural remover . I have said goodbye to dry brittle nails and hello healthy nails. Use remover couple times a week and nails get conditioned at the same time ! Recommend to anyone who paints their nails!!!

  34. Amber

    Amazing product! Takes a little bit longer than conventional remover but so much better for your nails. Skin around nails is much less dry, nails are stronger & it smells amazing! Would highly recommend!

  35. Morven Campbell

    A brilliant product. I purchased the sample size and was able to remove all my nail varnish with some product left to spare. My nails aren’t left feeling dry, flakey or liable to crack, they feel smooth and hydrated and the fresh lime scent is a delightful bonus. I highly recommend this and will be purchasing a full sized bottle soon. Thanks!

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