I so wish there were more stores around on the high street, where you can purchase your good loose.  Like the old Weigh and Save type stores.

Yes there are coming back, especially in the organic, local cooperative type stores.  But there are still not enough and I’m yet to find a local one, where you can purchase liquid items, such as washing up liquid, shampoo and shower gel type products.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Great idea for a new venture for me to look into maybe, (my husband would divorce me haha!).
So I’m wanting to share this fabulous website with you all which gives some great insight into so many reasons and ways we can and should stop using plastic.
Some of it is really easy to adopt, like reusable drink bottles, say no to plastic straws in bars and restaurants.  It all starts with the little things and it all helps.  Especially if you explain to the establishment your reasoning behind your choice.
I don’t place my nail care products into any plastic packaging.
Yes sometimes you will find some bubble wrap to protect your precious goods during the shipping process.  But this is recycled bubble wrap, which I’ve gain through products I’ve purchased.
I feel reuse comes before recycle and if you could find a better use for the bubble wrap over through it away, even better.
I’ve recently written my packing claims which will be placed in all orders for a short period to help explain my ethos a little more.

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