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What’s in your winter boots?

Now I’m going to start with flowers, bear with me on this. When the Spring flowers start to flourish we never think about the time they’ve taken to prepare before they push their bright colourful blooms above the fresh green blades, do we? We just expect! When the...

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Protecting your nails in cold weather

Have you broken your 2019 resolutions? If no, well done to you, I’m impressed. If yes, let’s start a new habit – a simple, easy habit which will give dramatic results! FACT – Nails struggle in cold weather. We’ve had some horrible and unpredictable weather here in the...

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Home manicures. It’s all in the planning.

How many times do you treat yourself to a full manicure at home? Maybe you don’t, you just file and polish. How often have you left it too late to paint your nails and ended up with a smudge, got polish on your skin or not even bothered with a base coat for the sheer...

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All that glitters is not good for the environment!

Whilst looking at some new colours to play around with for my next batch of new nail polishes, I noticed there were some glitters on a stockist’s website. “Wow!” I thought “they look really exciting!” It got my creative juices flowing with all the fun polishes I could...

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No Plastic – Thank you!

I so wish there were more stores around on the high street, where you can purchase your good loose.  Like the old Weigh and Save type stores. Yes there are coming back, especially in the organic, local cooperative type stores.  But there are still not enough and I'm...

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Excess Beauty Packaging – 7 Reasons to love it!

Over the years our shopping habits have changed, so many of us now buy much of our stuff online. But do we think about the amount of packaging that’s involved and where it ends up? I once received a 5ml bottle of nail polish in a box that would have housed a pair of...

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