Plants, Herbs and Flowers in hand and foot care


It’s a well-known fact that herbs, flowers and other types of plants are a great help when it comes to helping us stay healthy and have multiple health benefits. They also give us tasty food recipes.  Many have a multitude of magnificent powers, some good, yet some shouldn’t be messed with like the Foxglove.


an image of foxgloves - health benefitsAlthough they are stunning to view as they stand tall and proud, they are quite toxic, especially if eating.  You should wear gloves and definitely wash your hands after gardening around them.

The bees absolutely adore them, so if you have them, they are worth keeping for the wildlife.






image of aloe vera plant to demonstrate its health benefitsThen of course there is Aloe.

The staple, fixes almost anything from being antiseptic on cuts and grazes to soothing sunburn.  It’s ideal to use around the nail where you may pick, then it becomes tender, sore and irritating or to sooth cuts.  Ideal for kids to rub into their hands too.  Especially if they are nail biters.

It won’t harm them if they accidentally get some in their mouth (unless they have an allergy to Lilies, as Aloe is part of the same family)

I always have this, as my son’s a chef and seeing as it’s great for burns, his kitchen team are always grateful for its health benefits.

Of course, you can buy Aloe gel from the shops, but this version does have preservatives in it, so may not be as potent as the fresh plant.


image of camomile plant to demonstrate its health benefits

Then we have Chamomile – great for a foot soak

Well known for its soothing effects if drank as a tea.  It’s also excellent for a hand or foot soak, helping to soften and sooth the skin and with multiple health benefits.  If you make up a strong brew, mix with Epsom salts it’s a great antibacterial foot soak.  Sprinkle some rose petals into the bowl for that spa luxury feeling.





image of rosemary plant to demonstrate its health benefitsGot any Rosemary?

Apart from its ability to help with memory (I should make my bed from it then!) This lush green herb mixes well to make a nice gentle hand exfoliator, not too rough at all.  Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it can help with other anti-fungal ointments you may be using – a testament to its health benefits.

Strip the green leave from the stem, bruise them slightly in a pestle and mortar or the back of a spoon.  Pour over some olive oil and mix in some soft brown sugar.  Mix well.  Scoop into your hands and rub in a circular motion on the back of your hands for a few minutes.

This will smell divine and gently exfoliate the skin while leaving your hands soft and nourished.  Wash hands in warm water and pat dry.


Whether helping from the inside or topically, Mother nature does provide us with so many plants with health benefits to help us have healthy nails on both hands and feet.

You can usually find herbal books in charity shops that will give you more recipes to help you use the plants you already have.  Be they garden or windowsill grown.

Give some a try.


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