How many times do you treat yourself to a full manicure at home?

Maybe you don’t, you just file and polish.

How often have you left it too late to paint your nails and ended up with a smudge, got polish on your skin or not even bothered with a base coat for the sheer speed of just getting it done?

Recognise some of those school girl errors?

They are just some of the pitfalls to not preparing in advance.

Once, while on a boat over at the Isle of Wight, I noticed the tide was going out and sandbanks began to appear.

It got me to thinking how the sailors must prepare their route before they set out on their journey.

These sandbanks were totally unseen at full tide, but only a few feet below the surface.  If the sailors fail to prepare, they could quite easily hit one of the hidden banks, causing them to damage their boats, or run aground and have to sit it out until the tide rises again.

Now I’m comparing this to painting your nails.

You’re going out for the evening but have left it too late to start painting your nails, so you avoid putting on a base coat.  This could well cause the polish to stain; if you’re using dark colours, your nails could get a yellow stain. A bit like the sandbanks causing damage to the boat, you can’t see what’s happening below the surface.

No base coat also means your polish is more likely to chip off very quickly once it’s dry.  The boat could have hit gravel, scratching the paintwork. You apply the polish quickly, probably also painting some of your fingers, which you then have to remove; more chances of you ruining your polishing efforts and maybe you’ll even have to repaint. This could cause you to run late before rushing out the door.

See where I’m going with this?

Now let’s try a more relaxed way.

First, choose the perfect time.

A time when you’re hopefully not going to be disturbed.  I’d suggest the evening.  No more house chores to do, the kids are in bed and you can grab some ‘you time’.

Maybe even aim to finish your nail paint just as one of your fav’ programmes comes on.  Then you can just sit and watch with a cuppa while your nails dry.

Oh, and make sure you’ve made your drink of choice before you start painting.

Gather all the things you need for your nail care session.  

Nail clippers or scissors, cuticle pusher, a bowl of warm water, towel.

Whatever you decide, you need to get your nails looking great.

(I’ll do a more detailed manicure instruction flow chart another time.)

That’s it.

Distractions out the way.

Get all the stuff you need to perform the nail treatment of choice.

Make yourself a drink.

Start your nail care before your favourite programme comes on (but have the TV on so you don’t have to mess around with the remote).

Do your nails and paint.  Leave at least a minute drying time in between each polish coat.

Sit back, watch your tv and let your nails dry properly.

Your nails will thank you for it.

The polish will stay on longer and you didn’t rush or get stressed.

Happy nail polishing!

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