Over the years our shopping habits have changed, so many of us now buy much of our stuff online.

But do we think about the amount of packaging that’s involved and where it ends up?

I once received a 5ml bottle of nail polish in a box that would have housed a pair of shoes!

Now, I get that companies can’t stock boxes to fit every single item they sell, that would be ridiculous, they’d probably need another warehouse.  But learning what to do with it once its fulfilled its purpose is our responsibility, surely.

When I started Fresh Therapies, the one thing I was sure about, was that I would not use plastic containers, unless it was the most easily recyclable version there is.

I really do try to be as eco-friendly as I can when it comes to my packaging.  From what the product sits in, to how I send it out to my customers.
Which led me to find what I call ‘Good Chips’

100% Biodegradable Starch Chips.
You can find out more here


I’ve been using these ‘Good Chips’ for quite some time now and assumed everyone knew they were eco- friendly, also can be re-used for many a different project, (more on that in a bit).

I was wrong!

I asked one of my customers to give me honest feedback on my packaging.

The feedback was not what I expected.  The main comment that jumped right out was:

“You are using polystyrene blocks.  This really doesn’t fit with your natural image that you want to purvey.  Such material cannot be recycled”.

That really did jolt me upright in my chair.

Hence my reason for sharing ways you can re-use over recycle some of the excess packaging you may encounter and the containers once they’re empty.

But first you need to know if they are good to recycle or not.

How can you tell if they are Good Chips?

Well, if they are truly biodegradable (like the white ones shown) they will dissolve in water.  Or you could place one on your tongue and you’ll feel it start to melt, just like those Wotsits snacks, but without the taste (there’s no taste really)

Some companies will use Polystyrene Packing Peanuts or Styrofoam
They are classed as #6 type of plastic, which is not easily recycled, so best check with your local authority for guidance.

Although they can still be used to create great snakes or seahorses.  Just be mindful where you dispose of them once the playtime is over please.

Great craft ideas to keep kids busy over the holidays.

Check out some ideas on Pinterest by various folk for the use of the ‘chips’

You’ll soon be filled with inspiration.
Of course every child loves an empty box too!

Ideas from mums.

Once the box has been decorated, use to keep pens in.  We all know how quick they disappear.

Seal the box shut, cut a slit in the top and use as a money box, decorate with stickers, wool, glitter with your child’s name on.

Treats box for your pet’s goodies.

Keep your collected business cards in order.

Reusing your glass bottles.

Refill with coloured water/bath wash to match your bathroom colour scheme.

A single stem flower holder, it really brightens up your work space

Decorate with glass paint

A candle holder

Fill with coloured sand

Keep your own oil infusions, salad dressings etc once washed several times.

If being a crafty person is not your thing, then please use your local recycle centre.

If your children or playgroup have made wonderful things with any of the packaging Fresh Therapies products arrive in.
Why not send me a picture and if its ok with you I’ll post it on my page.
(just image of craft idea and name is all I need if you don’t want to appear in the photo)

Send pictures to enquiries@freshtherapies.com

Many thanks for reading.


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