There’s a few nail guru type people I follow on social media whom I respect and admire.

I also trust the information they share in the nail world.

Recently I read an article by an American guy Doug Schoon who is one of the industries most famous, I thought it was my duty to share his findings.

Especially as it’s about a very dangerous product that is being sold on the market place.

Whether you wear gel nail polishes or not its worth knowing the facts so you can spread the word to friends, family and colleagues.

The usual process for removing gel nail coatings is to soak the nails in some form of solvent.  The main one used is Acetone, mainly because it’s cheap, works quickly and effectively. Although still takes on average ten to twenty minutes to dissolve the nail covering enough to be scraped off.

So, when a new type of remover started shouting its amazingness, with its lightning speed of action, ease of use and less hassle, it soon became hot (sometimes literally) property.

It is being sold under various brand names of which I’m not here to name. 

But with a sub name of ‘Burst’ they are easy to find on several online shopping platforms including Amazon.

I admit it can be difficult though when you see a list of ingredients and they all sound un natural let’s be fair.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t necessarily recognize a dangerous one.  Yet this product doesn’t seem to list any of its ingredients, there’s your first alarm bell warning!

Second alarm bell is when you find out its made in China.  Not only do they still test on animals their laws are way different to the rest of the world for cosmetics.

One of the main ingredients in this Miracle Gel Polish Remover (another name its sold under) is known as Methylene Chloride, Dichloromethane or DCM.

Its commonly used as an industrial paint stripper and thinner.
It’s very potent and was actually banned in these types of products in 2010 within the European Union. ( site for more information).

It also states on this UK government page that this ingredient can cause skin irritation, skin burns and not ideal if inhaled.

This nasty piece of work is being sold in a bottle similar to a nail polish type shape and size.

It looks like a clear thick gel and you apply it like a coating of nail polish.
Let it soak into the gel polish and supposedly you’ll see it start to react right in front of your very eyes.
Even that part isn’t exactly true!

Well it is if you haven’t applied a base or top coat.

I have watched a couple of YouTube videos showing this, some have worked some not so well.  One lady actually says on film she could feel her fingers under the nail getting warm and a slight stinging sensation on her skin.  

You can watch some in action here:

It’s a caution I’m wanting to share and ask you to talk about it with others.  To stop anyone from getting harmed and also to prevent the sales of this monster product.

Thank you for reading and giving this some of your precious time.



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