Hi there,

Great to see you’ve found Fresh Therapies.

My name is Nicola and I’m the owner of Fresh Therapies based in Hampshire, UK.

I’m a wife, mum, grandmother and beauty therapist all whilst loving the teachings of yoga.

I love nothing more than to use and work with natural skincare products, which lead me to bring my own natural nail care products to the market. After working in several high street beauty salons, I eventually decided to go it alone for the pure reason of I didn’t like the way the salons were run, too much emphasis on sales and not enough on building a relationship with your clients.

This is how I fell into the world of natural and organic skincare. It was quite new at this time and when I started to research it the more I went down the rabbit hole, thankfully.

A few years later I felt that I had to find a natural nail polish remover to complete the most chemical free manicure I could. This was not a very fruit full search on Google so I decided to bring mine to the market, with some help from the right people Fresh Therapies natural nail polish remover was born.
I hope you like it.

My plan, goal, vision, dream is to have a complete hand care range that is full of the wonderful ingredients that mother nature has supplied us with, although I can’t see a natural nail polish happening for a very long time! However, I will always have my products made in the UK and none of the raw ingredients or end products will ever be tested on animals.

I much prefer things to be re-used over recycle too.

Please do have a nosey around the site, let me know what you like and what you don’t (hopefully there’s nothing with a don’t like).

I love to hear from my customers, so if you have any questions please do drop me an email and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

Best wishes



Nicola Dickinson

Founder And Owner Of Fresh Therapies

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